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Handgun I - Skill Building Course

Handgun I - Skill Building Course


This class is designed for the new shooter to become proficient at handling and shooting pistols.  You will also build your basic marksmanship skills.  It is highly recommended before moving on to other advanced handgun courses.


    Basic Handgun is a feeder course for Handgun II. Students will have an opportunity to shoot a variety of pistols and decide which operating system is right for them. Students will then learn how to safely handle and properly operate their selected pistol. Students will also be instructed on the selection of proper shooting gear to include holster and belt selection. Additionally, students will learn the basics of pistol caliber ballistics and the selection of ammunition.

    Shooting fundamentals taught to students will include Hand and Eye Dominance, Grip, Stance, Aiming, Trigger Control, and Follow-Through. 
    Instructors will guide students through common pistol shooting errors to include, Aiming Errors, Trigger Errors, Grip Errors, and lack of Follow-Through. 

    Students will learn to diagnose and clear common malfunctions to include Failure to Fire and Failure to Eject.

    The Basic Handgun Course is a student’s opportunity to become more comfortable with their pistol, learn the basics of shooting, and gain knowledge regarding gear and ammunition selection, before moving on to more advanced courses.

    This is NOT an NRA-approved course. 

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