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Handgun IV - Low Light/No Light

Handgun IV - Low Light/No Light


Once you have completed Handgun II & III, the next level in your training is Handgun IV, Team Dynamics.


    Handgun IV will challenge the abilities you learned in the previous handgun courses. In the Team Dynamics session, you begin with a live-fire familiarization scenario exercise, similar to those you've completed in past classes, and then move into instruction on working through scenarios as a two-person team.

    You will learn how to adapt previously learned skills and decision making to function seamlessly in a team setting. Once you have refined this skill, you will then learn how to use all of your tactical firearms skills to operate the completely unfamiliar environment of low light/no light settings.


    Employing your firearms and team skills at night will introduce you to new equipment usage and new concepts of engagement.


    This is an extremely challenging course!

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