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Shotgun I - Intro to Tactical Shotgun

Shotgun I - Intro to Tactical Shotgun


This class provides introductory tactical shotgun skills intended to enhance the participants understanding of long-gun manipulation and home defense shotgun use.


Using either a pump-action or semi-automatic, the course of fire will include instruction on the use of different ammunition (buckshot, slugs, and less lethal) dependent upon the situation.


This class is a required pre-requisite for more advanced aspects of tactical shotgun use.


    Equipment needed for this class includes the following:

    • Eye & ear protection (electronic protection recommended)
    • Pump-action or non-magazine fed semi-automatice shotgun
    • 20-gauge shotgun or larger (12-gauge recommended)
    • Optics acceptable, iron sights preferred
    • Slings are acceptable, but not required
    • 5 rounds of slug ammunition
    • 5 rounds of 00 buckshot ammunition
    • 75 rounds of game/target load
    • Shell carrier (gun or body mounted) is recommended
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